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Unlocking success through business development workshops

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, staying competitive and relevant is crucial for businesses of all sizes. This summer, Good Neighbors Canada Organized a business development workshop to polish the entrepreneurship skills of our Goods4Causes vendors. This workshop, hosted in partnership with the City of Toronto, served as an incubator for growth, fostering innovation, strategy, and collaboration.
Angela Itchon, the social enterprise officer of GNCA introduced workshop facilitator Mr. Justin Hu, an expert in the field of finance and accounting. The workshop covered various aspects of business growth to bridge the gaps in our microentrepreneur community’s knowledge; including financial strategies, saving,budgeting and financial leadership.
One of the main takeaways of this workshop for the microentrepreneurs was the sharing of knowledge. Participants shared their own practical experiences, validating their ways of handling finance and business among the group, and had the opportunity to ask clarifying questions in relation to their personal and entrepreneurial growth.
The workshop enabled the microentrepreneurs within the Goods4Causes community to strengthen their business accounting skills, preparing them for a more financially stable future as their small businesses grow in partnership with the Goods4Causes platform.
In the dynamic world of business, continuous learning, knowing trends and growth are imperative.
Good Neighbors Canada is looking forward to organizing more of these interesting and innovative workshops to support and foster success for our community.
To learn more about future entrepreneurial workshop opportunities, please visit


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