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Candi’s life epitomizes one of courage and bravery. As an international student from China, she immigrated to Canada to study Food and Nutrition and landed a job in Food Quality Control. Five years later with a burning passion to do more, she was tired of sitting behind a computer screen for hours on end. Candi always had a knack for arts and craft, making digital paintings in her spare time, so she wanted to figure out a way to make a living out of her hobby.


She stumbled upon something called air-dry clay and her dreams finally started to look like reality. An opportunity presented itself and in no time, she left her stable job and followed after her heart. Candi’s previous illustration skills came in handy and she started her own business selling clay art to people in her community.

Vendor Spotlight 

Candi, the artisan behind 'MOONCAKIE'

IMG_2393 (1).jpg

To pay homage to her culture’s traditional sweets, she chose the name Mooncakie for her business because she wanted people to smile when they heard the sweet name. From magnets to key chains to cats and dogs, Candi creates it all. As an evolving clay artist, she’s living her “ideal life and can’t ask for anything more”. She has a supportive system of family and friends that allows her to do what she loves everyday. Today, you can find Candi showcasing her artwork at local markets in her community and teaching clay workshops in art studios.

Previously Featured Artisans

Vendor Spotlight: International Women's Day 2023
Olga , the woman behind Nurtur Health

As a little girl wandering through the vast fields of Belarus, Olga and her mom often foraged fragrant wildflowers and tasty crops during the spring and summer seasons. Little did she know that these precious moments were key to a lifelong dream in cosmetic production. Much later in life, with idle hands and an ever-growing passion for nature, Olga decided to pursue an education in herbal medicine with a focus on formulating skincare.

Olga launched a business called Nurtur Health, created with the mission of nurturing others. With the use of organic botanicals, Olga’s skincare objective is to avoid harmful toxins to the body. In her own words, “what we put on our body is an extension of what we put in”. She wants to encourage her customers to make healthier, safer, and more effective cosmetic choices. Olga’s locally grown herbs and wild plants make a therapeutic beauty routine designed for everyone.

GN Mongolia.png

Vendor Spotlight: International Partner-Vendors
Tud Ilch , Co-op

Mongolia is subject to extremely cold temperature, its citizens spending approximately 45% of their income on fuel to keep their homes warm during the winter seasons.


The co-operative was established in 2017 in response to a factory closing which employed many artisans.  Taking inspiration from their harsh environment, the artisans make cashmere products that can withstand even the toughest of Canadian winters. 

All proceeds from the cooperative's products are reinvested in the community for  technical training, equipment, materials and product development, ensuring that the artisans can have access to high-quality materials and further opportunities.

Shop the Tud Ilch collection here!

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