Featured Artisans of the Month

Birch Tree Initiative Artisan

Bárbara Zacchi


Armed with a passion for pottery and a desire to create, Bárbara first started making ceramics in 2001. She owned a pottery studio for 5 years in Brazil while simultaneously working full-time.

Bárbara works in HR at a recycling company, where she got the idea to use their recycled equipment in her pieces to save it from the landfill. Some of the metals imbued in the necklaces are removed from old IT equipment; Bárbara removes the aluminum and smiths it herself to include in her necklaces., which she sells under the moniker Ceramica Design.

​Bárbara is a newcomer from Brazil, arriving to Canada in 2018. Supporting Bárbara through the purchase of one of her necklaces allows her to support her and her family.

Shop Bárbara's necklaces here!

Good Neighbors & Friends

Purdy Natural

​Purdy Naturals is a women-owned and operated business committed to the production and distribution of  natural wellness products. ​Purdy Natural began 15 years ago, when the founder, Rokhsana, started making natural skincare products as an experiment . She later brought in a team of talented female artisans to help her business expand.

Since its inception, Purdy Natural has been dedicated to shaking up the status quo of the skincare industry, offering an alternative pesky chemicals and questionable manufacturing products common at big-box stores. 

50% of the proceeds from Purdy Natural’s soap, made exclusively for Good Neighbors Canada, go directly to funding our Better Life for Girls initiative, which brings menstrual and reproductive health education to communities in Cameroon. Buy the soap here!

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Good Neighbors Co-Op

Tud Ilch

GN Mongolia.png

Mongolia is subject to extremely cold temperature, its citizens spending approximately 45% of their income on fuel to keep their homes warm during the winter seasons.


The co-operative was established in 2017 in response to a factory closing which employed many artisans.  Taking inspiration from their harsh environment, the artisans make cashmere products that can withstand even the toughest of Canadian winters. 

All proceeds from the cooperative's products are reinvested in the community for  technical training, equipment, materials and product development, ensuring that the artisans can have access to high-quality materials and further opportunities.

Shop the Tud Ilch collection here!