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We seek to strengthen the resilience of communities, from cities here in Ontario to our neighbours across the globe. We do so by putting 100% of proceeds right back into the hands of those who crafted the artisanal goods we offer. We also partner with businesses who support our international development campaigns through donating a portion of their sales.


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A network of like-minded people

Our partners4causes initiative establishes partnerships with businesses that wish to support our various international development campaigns through donating a portion of the proceeds of their sales on the Goods4Causes platforms.

The partners4causes initiative was introduced to offer established businesses to support our advocacy campaigns address gender equity across the globe. We are always looking for new organizations to work with and to expand our community-oriented network.

The perks

We love working with other vendors and organizations who believe in the value of socially-conscious practices and want to contribute to strengthening global communities. When you're a partners4causes artisan, you can: ​ + Choose the cause you'd like to support. Partners4Causes artisans get the opportunity to pledge a portion of the proceeds from sales made on the Goods4Causes platforms to one of three major initiatives. These initiatives are managed by our parent organization, Good Neighbors Canada.  + Sell on any other platforms Goods4Causes does not have non-compete clauses in our vendor agreements, making it possible for our artisans to sell on as many  platforms as they wish. + Improve brand perception With access to our platform, ability to be featured on our social media, and connection to a global charity, our artisans get access to resources that may not be available to small businesses or independent creators. We provide exposure and a strong charitable brand image that our artisans can associate with their own businesses and grow alongside our shop.

Partners on Goods4Causes

We are proud to partner with a number of wonderful businesses, including Purdy Natural, a small business located in the heart of London, Ontario. Rokhsana, the founder of Purdy Natural, developed an exclusive soap in which she donates 50% of the proceeds to our Better Life for Girls campaign. "We do a lot to help our community here at home in London, and we love being able to support overseas in anyway we can. Being able to supply sanitary products for girls is definitely something we wanted to be a part of." - Rokhsana

The Good4People initiative was created to address the impact of the pandemic on communities who were harder hit, and who are so often underrepresented in labour markets and the world of entrepreneurship. 
Good4People promotes the entrepreneurial development of people who are newcomers, refugees, indigenous peoples, people of color, LGBTQ+, living in poverty, or facing housing insecurity, through an inclusive incubator program. We support current or prospective micro-entrepreneurs to gain entrepreneurial and artisanal skills, and provide a space for craftspeople to market their handmade products on- and off-line.
The heart shapes in our logo represent our values of inclusion, unity, community, and growing together. Ultimately, we aim to support our community through providing tools and resources to help people to flourish in the local economy. 

Supporting Canadians
Good4People initiative's history

Social enterprises and small businesses struggled amidst the shutdowns and restrictions brought on by COVID-19. Back in July 2020, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) estimated that approximately 158,000 small and medium-sized businesses were at risk of closure. Hence, Goods4Causes' ultimate goal was to promote the integration of artisans in the local economy because those who had little to no internet presence found it difficult to build their brands and sustain sales. This project was originally known as the "Birch Tree Initiative," which represents hope and new beginning for those who wish to start a business, and  microentrepreneurs who want to expand their business opportunities. This project was initially supported with funding from the London Community Foundation.

In the news
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Partners in Canada

Goods4Causes values collaboration and is always looking for ways to help our local communities in Ontario. The following social enterprises do incredible work and we are happy to promote the products they create.

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 4.31.50 PM.png
Skilled Accents

At Skilled Accents, refugee women create décor products from recycled fabric. Materials are collected from furniture and drapery stores, reducing waste. Products are signed by the women who made them. 


Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) has a variety of products and services handcrafted by youth in their training programs to help them build skills, confidence, and independence. All wood is locally sourced and FSC Certified.


The Global Picture

Although Goods4Causes was established to support income generation in various communities, some of the products we carry are linked to other causes through our Partners4Causes partnerships. Proceeds from these products support the following campaigns:

Better Life for Girls

Our project helps women and girls overcome period poverty and taboos surrounding menstruation. We educate communities about menstrual and reproductive health and distribute hygiene kits.

Children Are Not Brides.png
Children Are Not Brides

We educate communities in Vietnam on the risks of early marriage. We help train teachers to implement new sexual and reproductive health curriculums and develop campaigns to raise awareness of children's rights.

Wishing Well.png
Wishing Well

In one and a half years, we have built four wells in Zambia, providing access to clean water in communities where children often have to walk up to four hours a day to fetch water for their families.

Child Sponsorship

Through our sponsorship program, donors are matched with a child in the Dominican Republic. Monthly contributions, provide children access to daily nutritious meals, routine medical check-ups, hygiene kits, education, school supplies and more!

Women Advance

In El Salvador, a group of women lost their jobs after the textile factory they were working for closed down. They decided to form a co-operative called Mujer Avanza. We supply the co-op with training, raw materials and machinery to support the women in achieving stable income.

Emergency Relief

We are currently providing support in response to the Ukraine invasion through distribution of emergency supplies and child protection services. We are also overseeing Canadian settlement through providing flight tickets and essentials such as food and shelter.

Artisans Abroad

MERRYCOOP is a Good Neighbors "merry" cooperative. Under its umbrella, social enterprises from around the world sell their handmade goods in other countries. All proceeds are reinvested in technical training, materials, equipment, and product development.

Kyrgyz Republic

In a small village, some residents were struggling with an average monthly income of $17. They decided to start a cooperative to create handmade felt products, like coasters and slippers.


Textiles are the focus of this initiative in South America to empower women, generate income, and create opportunities. Made 100% by hand by Guatemalan artisans from Escuintla, Sololá, and San Marcos.

GN Mongolia.png

Artisans started a cooperative in 2017, after the factory they worked for closed down. Because of the harsh winters in their community, they focus on several cashmere products like beanies, gloves, and scarves.


The cooperative was created by mothers who live in the Mirpur area, in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. They started making jute products, such as bags and pouches, to supplement their low household incomes.

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