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Craft, Coffee, and Business Insights

A Resounding Success for Craft and Coffee Morning

with Goods4Causes

Prepare to be inspired and empowered! We are thrilled to share the incredible success of our recent event, Craft and Coffee Morning with Goods4Causes last July 1st 2023. Held in partnership with the City of Toronto, this workshop brought together newcomers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and art enthusiasts for a morning of creativity, sustainability, and valuable business insights. Attendees not only had the opportunity to unleash their artistic talents under the guidance of the talented Kateryna Zozulia but also gained invaluable knowledge from a workshop facilitated by Enha Brondo, delving into marketing operations, direct selling, online selling, and the guide to product costing.

As participants gathered at the Good Neighbors Canada Office, a sense of anticipation filled the air. Eager to explore their creative sides, attendees were welcomed into a warm and inviting atmosphere, accompanied by the irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The combination of craft and coffee set the stage for a transformative morning.

Leading the artistic journey was the accomplished artist and facilitator, Kateryna Zozulia. With her boundless enthusiasm and expertise, Kateryna inspired participants to delve into their imagination, creating visually captivating tote bag designs that embodied the theme of sustainability and biodiversity. Under her guidance, participants discovered the power of art as a medium for self-expression and advocacy.

In addition to the creative exploration, participants were provided an access to an enriching workshop by Enha Brondo, focusing on crucial aspects of entrepreneurship. From marketing operations and direct selling to online selling and the guide to product costing, attendees gained practical knowledge that could be applied to their entrepreneurial endeavors. This unique combination of art and business insights made the Craft and Coffee Morning an all-encompassing experience for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The event also fostered a sense of community among participants, promoting collaboration and the exchange of ideas. As brushes danced across canvas and discussions on business strategies flourished, connections formed and networks expanded. The Craft and Coffee Morning provided a platform for individuals to support and uplift one another through the networking activity, cultivating an environment of encouragement and growth.

The resounding success of the Craft and Coffee Morning has left us excited to host the next workshop and learn crochet, which is scheduled for August 5th 2023, Saturday. Be sure to mark your calendars and get ready for another immersive experience that blends crafts, entrepreneurship, and community-building.

Stay tuned for further updates and details on how to secure your spot at the upcoming workshop. We can't wait to welcome you to another unforgettable morning of inspiration, collaboration, and personal growth. 


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