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Goods4Causes is a socially-conscious marketplace driven by our belief in people over profit. Our purpose is to promote the handcrafted goods of our artisans, with all proceeds going back to them. For our artisans, Goods4Causes is more than a platform for them to make sales. It is a community where they can develop skills, access training, and join a community to grow as entrepreneurs. We also partner with small businesses and social enterprises that raise funds for our partner organizations' international development campaigns.

Goods4Causes is an initiative of Good Neighbours Canada, a registered Canadian charity, part of an international non-profit that has been working for social change since 1991. We support income generation initiatives through the promotion of homemade goods carefully crafted by cooperatives abroad and the artisans closer to home.

We know the joys of finding that perfect gift for a loved one- or treating yourself! Our range of handmade goods has something for every kind of  lifestyle. 

Community Belonging
Artisanal Weaver
Artisan Autonomy
Barrier Reduction


To strengthen the voices of our vendors,  providing them with opportunities for economic and social growth and development. 


To empower individuals and communities on both a local and global scale.


  • Offering socially and environmentally-conscious consumer choices

  • Creating positive change in communities

  • Empowering equity-seeking individuals and communities, promoting self-reliance 


  • Forming meaningful connections and collaborative relationships with people and organizations



We established the Good4People Initiative in 2021 as an effort to provide refugees and newcomers to Canada with small businesses an opportunity to market their items in a time where many were experiencing barriers due to the pandemic. In 2022, we have expanded this initiative to represent the diversity that we champion, including people of colour and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We offer our vendors not only a platform to sell their handmade goods, but a community that can support them in their growth.


Good Neighbours Canada is a registered charity, located in the heart of Scarborough, Ontario. Good Neighbours Canada is part of an international organization that has been responding to humanitarian crises and alleviating poverty around the world for over 30 years. We have been operating in Canada since 2017, providing relief aid and implementing a wide range of inclusive community-based development projects. Our mission is to implement projects that promote and protect human rights and strengthen global partnerships respectful and effective way, empowering people to achieve self-reliance. Good Neighbours currently operates in over 40 countries. If you would like to learn more about Good Neighbours Canada, please click here.


At Goods4Causes, we first and foremost look for artisans who produce handmade goods with sustainability in mind. We offer a diverse range of goods that we are always looking to expand, including jewellery, accessories, home decor, and wellness products. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot support the sales of any food or beverage products.

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