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Vendor Submission
Which vendor umbrella do you fall under?

If you selected "Not Listed" in the section above, enter a category that best relates to your product. 

Input how much the customer will pay for each item, excluding shipping costs and tax.

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Please upload your product images for our consideration!

Image Upload Zone

Please fill out the vendor application form above prior to submitting images.

Include your first legal name and last name, and include any nicknames in brackets (ie. John (Johnny) Smith)

Include the email that you most frequently use, personal or business


Please upload any image files of your product. This could include action shots (ie. in use), against specific backgrounds (ie. in a home), or against plain backgrounds. It is recommended that vendors have several different styles of photos so that customers can get several angles. Name your images according to the product title and/or variant (if applicable) (ie. JohnWaxCandles_MediumSize).


Please upload any image files you have of you and/or your team making, using, or selling the products that you wish to feature on our shop. Alternatively, you may wish to include headshots or anything else that shows customers the artisans behind the products. Name your images according to the product title and a small descriptor of what is in the image (ie. JohnWaxCandles_TeamMarket).

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