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The Birch Tree

The Birch Tree Initiative is an incubator program focused on sustainable entrepreneurial and business development of equity-seeking solo-preneurs with small handcrafting businesses.


The Birch Tree Initiative was first established in 2020 to address the impact of the pandemic on newcomers and refugees, which exacerbated economic and social disparities. ​ Branching out beyond the pandemic, we have expanded the initiative to offer represent and lend support to the diverse communities of Canada.


We are focusing our efforts on expansion once again in 2023 through the implementation of resources and programming to accelerate our growth and capacity to support local small businesses owned by members of equity-seeking groups. Through the incubator, we aim to create a community to propell artisans’ business development through mentorship, workshop delivery, and networking events.

Individuals interested in joining our Birch Tree community can apply here.

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